Ubisoft’s “For Honor” announced! |E3 2015

Every year we expect a lot of new sequel of the old great games and just like our expectations we get them, but along with them some other great games are also revealed that we can’t miss and this Ubisoft game is one of them. Before we talk more, have a look at the game’s premier trailer

So, you will now want to know its features. Even we are still unaware of everything, here is a list of the features that are already confirmed by the creative director of the game-

  • This game will have both Multiplayer & a Single player gameplay mode.
  • This game is completely based on the real-life history, so we can’t expect any fictional characters like a giant.
  • For the female gamers, you can also play as a female character. (It’s something that everyone don’t add to their game, “Love” for Ubisoft!!!.)
  • The game will feature Samurai vs. Vikings vs. Knights factions, and each one will have its own gameplay characteristics. Also, every character in the faction will have its own unique name.
  • Just like every Ubisoft game, you will be able to unlock special abilities if you got the required score.

These features sounds exciting from the plot side too, but how will it look in action? Check out in this gameplay (Multiplayer) video

For Honor is releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in 2016. So, do you expect Ubisoft to teach you history lessons again? Tell us in the comments below!

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