Fallout 4: Release date, Gameplay & more! |E3 2015

First of all, for everyone who is waiting for this game, it will Fallout 4 will launch on November 10 and is coming to Xbox One, Playstation 4 & PC. At E3 press conference, Bethesda also released a  gameplay trailer of Fallout 4, watch it here-

Along that, the company will release the Pip-Boy‘s  real-life version that works with  your phones and will be bundled along the special edition of Fallout 4, that will cost you $120.

The Fallout 4 companion app will be available to download on iOS and Android and it will work with your gaming platforms.

This sequel of the game will also widen your customization ability with lots of new features that you can use to explore & edit your post-apocalyptic survival experience.

So, are you getting that physical Pip boy? Tell us in the comments!

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